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Great news – the second book in the series Child of Burning Skies is available now at the early bird sale price of just 99p!

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Since flames destroyed the world, you’re either
brutal or you’re dead.

Papa Bear knows this more than anyone. But now he and the girl must make a terrible choice if they want to continue their devastating quest to kill the last leader of what’s left of humanity.

The pair have recruited the help of deadly sky
captain Felicia and her crew to take them to their doomed bounty faster than they could have ever imagined.

But ruthless pirates hunt the skies, and Felicia might just throw Papa Bear overboard if he learns too much.

Everyone has their secrets, and Papa Bear is ready to take as many lives as he must to protect his.

The second book in the Survival series, Child of Burning Skies is an emotionally immersive, violent steampunk adventure story.

Woah. That sounds like it might be fun!

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